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An elementary learning and literacy program for Linden focused on excellence in literacy, personal and spiritual growth, partnering with families and staff, and connecting to the church community.


Reading proficiency levels for young children continues to be a bellwether for so many paths and outcomes that begin at a very young age.  Numerous studies have shown that 4 out of 5 low-income students read below the proficiency level by the end of third grade, which is a crucial deadline for achieving reading proficiency by adulthood.  At L4, every student shows measurable annual literacy progress, while L4 leadership shows measurable annual progress in identifying and implementing best practices to achieve the best possible academic outcomes. L4 enrolled students start as kindergarteners.



L4 students are picked up from school four days a week and then partnered with their mentor from 3:30-6pm.  All students receive one full hour of customized lessons, while kindergarteners work closely with a consistent mentor each day. Every L4 student shows anecdotal improvement over the course of each program year regarding social-emotional behaviors, attitude, and ability to cope with emotional distress. With reading, writing, arts & crafts, and Bible lessons as featured activities. 


Kids enrolled in the L4 program are students at Windsor STEM Academy in south Linden.  We love our partners at Windsor and could not do this without their support! One of our future goals is to expand L4 services, providing opportunity to more Windsor students and families.  Most of the L4 mentors and staff members either have roots or are current residents in Linden, and have a big heart for the community.



L4 is not just about becoming a better reader or student.  Teachers and mentors are dedicated to caring for the student entirely, as children made by God, loved by God, and with a purpose from God.  Every student enrolled at L4 shows a measurable increase in their knowledge of God’s Word and His love for them and the ability to apply that knowledge to their lives.

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it"

Proverbs 22:6

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877 E. 11th Avenue, 43211


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